Tsu interview : Anna Lioce (aka MisaLioce)

Q1: Can you introduce yourself (give a short bio) ?

I live in South Italy and I am a geek girl.
I love drawing comics with my husband (he is my favorite writer) and watching SCI-FI and horror series (always with him).
I've been drawing since I was a little child and I hope one day to become a professional comic artist.

Q2: What convinced you to join tsu.co?

I joined tsu because I'm interested in new media (I am a graphic designer and Marketing expert too).

Q3: What are the main tools of your trade?

I use Manga Studio and Photoshop.

Q4: What are the biggest struggles you encounter as an artist?

People!! People thinking that drawing is something easy and/or stupid!

Q5: What are your visions of art for the future?

For me, art will be web-based and shared with the world and other artists, giving people the unique opportunity to know other cultures and way of expression

Q6: Where can we find you on the web?

twitter : https://twitter.com/Misa0027
tsu: http://www.tsu.co/MisaLioce
Ghostbusted comics : http://www.staynerd.com/nerdstuff/stay-nerd-comix-attenti-a-quaynerd-06-ghostbusted-finale/

Thanks for the interview Anna Lioce,

you can join her network at http://www.tsu.co/MisaLioce

Tsu interview : Sara Elena Meloni

Q1: Can you give a short bio?

Hi, my name is Sara, in art SEM. I'm 26 and I'm Italian.
I did art school and academy of fine arts, painting, but i learned much from internet, tutorial, and virtual friends.
Now I make portraits on commissions, I teach courses of portraiture and I participate in art exhibitions in Italy, mainly in my region.

Q2: What convinced you to join tsu.co?

I'm here on tsu (SaraElenaMeloni_SEM) because I like to see and communicate with people that have my same passion: art.
Others socials networks are more dispersive.

Q3: What got you into art?

I know many people related to me, artists and art lovers.
Art is also a cure for depression in this period of economic crisis that is not working.
Art makes us live. And I thank the art every day.

Q4: What are the required qualities of an artist?

Depends, there are many different kinds of art. It starts from the dialogue and technique. A right mix of technical ability combined originality, communication and imagination should be ideal for an artist.

Q5: What are your visions of art for the future?

I do not know. The art is in all parts of the world, art can help entire peoples through communication.
Unfortunately, many people are far from art, art should be more interactive, go to the people who does not know and help them to live better.
The art makes the person feel good.

Q6: Where can we find you on the web?

I try to follow many social networks and blogs, the main ones are:
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sara-Elena-Meloni-SEM/44426639607
instagram: https://instagram.com/saraelenameloni_sem_art/
tsu: http://www.tsu.co/SaraElenaMeloni_SEM
deviantart: http://sarameloni.deviantart.com/
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Coq_n7tq2p-N5MyBnkETA
twitter: https://twitter.com/semmy888
and my blog: https://saraelenameloni.wordpress.com/
Thank you =)

Thanks for the interview Sara Elena Meloni,

you can join her network at http://www.tsu.co/SaraElenaMeloni_SEM

Tsu interview : Giuseppe Marinello


Q1: Can you give a brief biography? 

 I live and work in Italy, I was born in a small southern town. I drew as a child but my training course was a bit 'slow and tortuous. Mostly because coming from a small urban center did not have people with to appreciate the drawing. Only later, around 27 years old, I decided to attend a school to learn the techniques of film and cartoon storyboard.  

Then I worked many years in the field of video games as a 2D pixel artist and advertising. Meanwhile, I was also the assistant in a study that dealt with comics and this was useful because it taught me to never abandon the classical technique (pencil and ink) to draw. I have done many commercials and storyboards for video games, but the problem is that the storyboard is a just a "task" so no one will ever know that you drew those things. People find about it only when you have them on your own design, where is your signature.  

Q2: What convinced you to join tsu.co? 

 I joined (tsu.co) because I was looking for something different from the usual social media. A place to put my work and admire the work of artists from around the world, with no particular barriers. TSU, from this point of view, is ... perfect!  

Q3: What got you into art? 

 This is the most difficult question: I think it all starts from a desire to emulate. As a child, I admired the designs of Romano Scarpa of Mickey Mouse or John Romita Spider Man. Then you think ... "I want to draw too!". But then life is much more complicated and paths can be quite tortuous.  

Growing up, then I change the references. So then was born the love for the classics like Alex Raymond or Stan Drake with the synthesis of Alex Toth and charm for women designed by Leone Frollo. It means that everything is mixed, you look up to so many influences. Today my design is the sum of many things that I have looked and I have assimilated.  

Q4: What are the qualities required of an artist?  

First of all, I think that today it is very easy to be an "artist". Anyone can open a page on a social network and defined himself as such. So the first quality you need is humility. The design is a challenge every day against their limits.  

I've seen guys with great talent completely lost and unseen and people with no particular talent being perceived or sometime becoming great artists. Especially in the comic industry, talent serves relatively : if your starting skill is good, you're lucky but must be fed with the technique and continuous study. So in a nutshell the qualities are : humility, patience, tenacity, desire to improve without ever thinking of having arrived. 

 Q5: What are your visions for the future of art?  

Today the art, with the web, is available to everyone. Every day I can discover new talent. I recently fell in love with a Russian painter contemporary Serge Marshennikov.  
Does the wonder of touching the oil paintings on canvas be more Realistic. Without the web, possibly I would not have known this painter : then my hope is that it is easier to educate the new generations to the art, to ensure that its value is not lost and will always remain a heritage to protect. All art! From drawing, sculpture, painting, music ... without distinction!

In my specific future, however, we will be publishing on the number 3 of "Black Death" comic published in Italy by Edizioni Inkiostro

I'm running out of inking tables and can not wait to see it printed. 
Thanks for the questions and ... greetings from Italy!

Thanks for the interview Giuseppe, please excuse in advance if there are some error in the translation (my Italian is a bit "rusty" to say the least).

you can join his network at http://www.tsu.co/marin_x
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